Patios with No-cut Paver Patterns

Patios with no-cut paver patterns are a classic do it yourself project. The first step you must follow is to calculate all the materials you will need. Then we recommend you to make a little prework planning. This is the mood Work smart-not hard.

if you are naow building your patio it’s necessary to figure out how you are going to use it (table, chairs, grill, average number of people, and others). So you will have the right size for the first time. At last, don’t forget to call 811, the call-before-you-dig number for identifying the buried utilities of the area you want to pave.

The type of pattern I must use

Sometimes people don’t think in the pattern they want to use in their pavers hardscape project. The most beautiful pattern is Herringbone. Also it is the most popular. However it requires to cut pavers on the perimeter to finish the job. This is a task that is very consuming time. It requires to rent either a diamond blade saw or paver splitter to finish the project. The work smart-not hard solution is not cutting everything all at once.

Basketweave patterns offre a lot of depth and dimension. They are easy to assemble without cutting needed as long as your project dimensions are in multiple of 8″. Some doble basketweave patterns alternate two verticale pavers by two horizontal pavers. this creates a thick weave effect, as if two “reeds” are woven side by side.

When we talk about a single basketweave, this is a slight variation from the double one. Here we use an alternative pattern of three pavers, one horizontal with two vertical. It’s a slightly more complex but it doesn’t need no cuts.

We have seen a few examples of hardscape patios wit no-cut paver patterns. Contact us if you want to learn more, and receive the best advisory.