Planting Trees for the Climate Change

Planting trees for the climate change? if you like to be in time with news, you should have seen that every day we have a new information about climate change:

  • Historic heat in the west.
  • 100-year floods on the gulf coast.
  • More damaging hurricanes affecting the East Coast.

So, the most fundamental contributor to this situation is increasing carbon dioxide emissions. But we have very near the solution to fight the climate change: reforestation. Yes, it’s sound very fancy, but is the complicated name of planting trees. So, trees are a keystone species in the battle to reduce toxic atmospheric carbon dioxide. Trees have the power of carbon sequestration (a fancy name for safe storage of carbon dioxide). Also can increase environmental stability.
Actually, many organizations and governments are starting strategies of restoring forested lands. This will mitigate climate change. The estimated goal is planting half a trillion trees worldwide. Everybody is expecting to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions to 25 percent. This is equal to negate 20 years of human-generated emissions at the current rate.

But... Can I make a change with my yard trees?

Just a simple answer: “Yes”. Look, a single mature tree can pull by its own 48 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. This happens while releasing much-needed oxygen in exchange. So, every single tree is a very good amount of carbon dioxide removed and less harm done to the environment. Imagine if every person in your neighbor could plant one only tree. 

And the benefits of planting trees don’t stop there. Trees provide a big number of benefits, including helping manage stormwater and limiting erosion. Their roots system help stabilize and support the soil whlie their canopies provide shade and help keep our houses and yards cooler.

Now you know trees are the best way to help our planet. Contact us if you want more advises about the benefits of making a natural landscape.