Residential Garden for Climate Change

Residential Garden for Climate Change

Definitely, climate change is affecting things large and small. This happens in ways that are not so clear. While in others the impact is harder. You don’t believe it, but you can make your part with residential garden for climate change.

There are many troubles associated with climate change. Such as more prevalent pests and crop damage, are likely to increase. Rising average temperatures are enabling invasive weed to spread northward. Also, longer frost-free seasons have given an edge to insect pests in northern states. This gives them more time to reproduce. Extremes in precipitation are more common nowadays, too. In the northeast heavier and more intense rains threaten plantings. These are many indicators that point to the fact of a changing in the climate, that means we need to change with it. In short, we need a smarter gardening practice. This is a measure needed in an era of added challenges and unpredictability. 

Rethinking gardening from the ground

It’s real that most of us who have gardening and tending in landscape for years have a tendency of operating on autopilot. That means we find it easy to fall back on conventional practices that do not, in fact, truly support the environment and may actually be harming it in long term. We have the chance to recalibrate this.

As climate change speeds up, we need to slow down and reassess the products and services we are using in our garden and landscape management. Instead of relying in the conventional solutions, such as more chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides to artificially boost our chances to success and reap bumper yields at the expense of the environment. Here we need to work harder toward creating a fundamentally healthier ecosystem. This includes new methods, products and providers who recognize the importance of more ecologically-sound solutions.

This is just the beginning of a process to mitigate climate change. If you want more information just contact us.